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We are a game development company, bringing smiles and laughter to people all over the world. Board, card, dice, sports, party, family, kids games and so much more. After we develop a game that has the qualities to become a Bold Mango game, we partner with the top game manufacturers throughout the world to license our games and bring them to market.

Brian Spence, our founder and lead game designer, has licensed over 80 game concepts to companies throughout the world. Most of these games were developed and licensed while working with Random Games & Toys, a game design company in Ann Arbor, MI. These games include million sellers Last Word (Buffalo Games) and Buzzword (PlayMonster, formerly Patch Products). Other games licensed include Uno Robot (Mattel), Clue Express (Hasbro), Chicken Charades (Goliath), Hit or Miss (Gamewright), and many others to companies such as Poof-Slinky, MindWare, Pressman, International Playthings, Piatnik, USAopoly, Think Fun, and more.

Through the launch of Bold Mango, we continue to bring big ideas to life, inspiring people to play, connect, laugh, and engage with each other. And of course this wouldn’t be possible without our partners, the top game manufacturers throughout the world who are experts in bringing these games to market.

How We Do It

It starts with an idea. But ideas don’t pay the bills. To go from an idea to a game concept to a prototype to a licensed game – this takes a ton of testing, refining, thinking, sweat, and experience. At Bold Mango most of our ideas don’t ever make it out of the idea phase. It’s not because these are necessarily bad ideas, but more often it’s because they don’t have that “thing” that will allow them to stand out in a crowded market. That “thing” is often something that makes someone say “Ah-ha” or causes someone to smile or even makes someone want to sit down and play the game at that moment.

We are highly selective as we decide which games to pursue. We ask a ton of questions, such as – Is it easy to learn how to play? Is it simple to play? Will the name make someone want to know more? What makes it stand out? Are people engaged when they play it? Are they laughing? Are they interacting with others? Do they ask to play it again and again? Even one no to these questions can cause us to go back to the drawing board.

If you’re looking for something a little different, something that’s probably going to make you laugh, something that’s going to give you some face-to-face fun with others, it’s probably worth your time to check out a Bold Mango game.

Why We Do It

Yep, we want humans to be human again. Relationships are the spice of life. Face-to-face relationships where people are connecting, engaging, laughing, and having fun. In our own families and relationships, we’ve seen games inspire interactions that just don’t take place in normal, everyday life. Our games provide these opportunities for families and friends to get together and remove themselves from the chaos of everyday life. We want our games to build relationships, that’s why we do what we do. 

The great news for us and other game companies – the types of games we invent aren’t going away. It’s a growing market as people of all ages are craving for entertainment that will make them laugh and have fun with others. If you’re looking for something different, something that will get your family off their phones for a little while, something that will have you coming back for more, open a cardboard box with a game inside. Even better yet, open a box with a Bold Mango game inside. It will change your life (well, at least it will get you to sit down with some people you care about to laugh a little).

Our Mission

What do games have to do with orphans? We have a passion to impact the lives of orphans, and so we are using our platform of game development to support individuals and organizations who are providing families for orphans. We use a significant portion of the royalties we receive from licensing our games to support orphan care. We believe every child needs a family, and so this is where the game business gets “serious” for us.

Our founders, Brian and April Spence, have an adopted child from Guatemala, and currently they are living in Guatemala as they seek ways to help orphans there. They are passionate about partnering with organizations who are already providing family-based care for orphans. Some of the funds donated by Bold Mango support these organizations, while other funds will be given as grants to couples in the U.S. who are in the process of adopting.

We have about 150 million reasons (the estimated number of orphans in the world) to build an even bigger and better game company so that more lives can be impacted. Our success is built on having fun – the more laughter our games cause, the more games we sell, the more orphan lives that are changed. We aren’t sure there is any business having more fun than that!